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About Zombie Academy~

--For more info read the journals--
In this alternate reality, Demon Academy is under attack by zombies! Gather your friends and gather some weapons...because it's time to fight for your lives!!!

To be a Survivor you must be a Student of either, Demon Academy, Celestrial Academy, Maple Academy, South Fencin Academy, West Beinston Academy, or East Akiiji Academy.

To be a Zombie you can either be a student or just a poor guy off the streets.
Each survivor must be in a group of either 3 to 5 members. We will assign you a group, If you have a friends group you would like to be in please let us know.

Each survivor needs a weapon as well. It can be anything from a broom stick to a gun.

Zombie information:
Each zombie was infected with a disease first inflicted on Rowena Tilda. The disease spread fast and soon thousands were sick. Zombies can be dead from 2 months to just a second ago.

To be a Survivor or Zombie you must fill out an application. Be sure if you're a survivor that you are a student and in school uniform from one of those academy's. Yuki and I will deny application entries if they are not from a school or in school uniforms.

Remember everyone! This is not just an MMD group! It's for everyone~ So if you draw and wanna join then fill out an app and join! 8D People who draw will most likely be put into groups with other people who draw though.

Make sure to read journals often!! That's where all the info will be!

Please be sure to fill out an application before submitting anything. Yes, you must be a part of a Survivor Group. Get into contact with khftw to reserve a spot in a Survivor Group.
List of Survivor Groups: academy-of-the-dead.deviantart…

Be sure your OC is in the school uniform.

Survivor Applications:
Zombie Applications:





OK so Im totally not sure how to ajust the settings for sumbitting pictures. and since im the founder i dont know if the folders are open or not SO can somebody PLZ TELL ME! i need to know how to work the admins area and i need to know if the folders are open. they all should be except for maybe the feature folder o.< idk HELP

-.- im so hopeless

ANYWAY one person submitted YAY!! XD now if the rest of you will wake up
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Gallery Folders

Celestial Academy
Masters Academy
Celestial Academy Zombies
Masters Academy Zombies
South Fencin Academy Zombies
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nikki1214 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i submitted a deviation into demon academy zombies because the masters academy folder isn't open ^^;
TheLadyOfBlack Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
id like to join as a survivor. can i? :3
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Rozz-a Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
are you still wanting apps im in masters academy
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SkybornJazzHands Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, this group might end up more active with an RP and regular chat. x3 Just a suggestion.
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SkybornJazzHands Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, so I want to join, but there's uniforms for the schools, yet I don't see the zombies in them. Are the uniforms for the humans only?

Another question too, if I had a character here, would I be able to use her for something completely different? I have this fiction I'm making and if I put a character here, I'll probably use them for the fiction too....
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